VoltDrop Three-phase Monitoring

When you need three-phase monitoring, the VoltDrop provides a revenue-grade metering solution.

The VoltDrop delivers impressive real-time minute-by-minute measurements for voltage and power factor, including aggregated apparent energy.

VoltDrops are an easy to install IoT device that can safely be implemented within minutes. Best of all, it can be used in a variety of scenarios to help you better understand your energy use. Possible solutions include:

Building Management
Get better insights into energy consumption in your building or group of buildings easily. The VoltDrop combined with HotDrops provides data to help you manage critical assets, mitigate unnecessary energy loss, and improve overall efficiencies.

Tenant Management
Understand how each tenant is consuming energy and improve billing efforts with accurate data. Use VoltDrop and HotDrops to scale sub-metering efforts and gain granular insight into your tenants.

Sustainability Efforts
It’s easier to improve your company’s sustainability efforts when you can easily see trends and forecast usage. Minute-by-minute data will help you find wins and losses in reducing your organization’s carbon footprint.

If you have a scenario that needs a better energy monitoring solutions for your three-phase situation, give us a call to see how the VoltDrop can help you.

Over LoRaWAN, the VoltDrop works seamlessly over a private or public network. If you don’t have access to a LoRaWAN network, Vutility can provide a gateway for your installed VoltDrop.

VoltDrop with physical measurements and feature highlights
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The VoltDrop

Instantly view three phase imbalances.

VoltDrop graphic showing Rogowski coils around and A,B, and C phase

Power Metering Reimagined for the Digital Age

VoltDrop delivers real-time, minute-by-minute transmissions of true RMS three-phase measurements for Voltage and Power Factor (PF), as well as aggregated Apparent Energy (kVAh).

VoltDrop Features

  • Revenue-grade ± 2% or better accuracy spec
  • Supports systems from 85-480 (max rating: 480Y/277 3P4W) VAC volts /phase
  • Magnetically mounted, conduit-less install, discreetly fits inside panel
  • Non-intrusive, VoltSafe Harness delivers real-time voltage with no external wiring
  • Flexible 24-inch Rogowski Coils (3x) fit a wide range of cable sizes
  • Secure dual-cypher encrypted LoRaWAN
    IoT network
  • Safely operable between - 40º - 185º F
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