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The HotDrop

The HotDrop is a state-of-the-art, cloud-native submetering solution that provides a simple, easy install, and gives you minute-by-minute data instantly.

HotDrop data on the ReVU dashboardHotDrop device hanging on circuit in electrical boxair conditioning condensers on building roof

Disruptive data behind the meter

With minute-by-minute cloud transmissions, one HotDrop can report more data in less than 15 minutes than most meters do in one year.


The HotDrop imbeds several patented and proprietary technologies that enable it to inductively charge itself on the wire it measures, with no external batteries or wires.

Smart and secure

The HotDrop securely transmits via the LoRaWAN IoT protocol, with dual-cypher encryption and other proprietary features, delivering real-time, circuit-level data via API to any end application.

Installs in minutes

The HotDrop's non-invasive design allows it to safely install instantly without de-energizing a facility, delivering significant cost savings and scoping simplicity with a snap.

Long range transmission

Leveraging LoRaWAN's global IoT standards, the HotDrop is able to communicate out of electrical distribution panels through multiple stories of commercial and industrial building materials, while maintaining wireless, minute-by-minute transmissions to the cloud.

HotDrop transmission features comparison chart

Unlocking new use cases and opportunities

With a simple installation, the HotDrop is the easiest and most-cost effective solution on the market. Key features make this solution one-of-a-kind.

Advantages to HotDrop

  • Safe, fast, and non-intrusive install
  • Self-powered, no maintenance
  • Cost-effective and scalable
  • Better than 'revenue-grade' 99.83% accuracy
  • Sub-second measurements reported every minute
  • Minimal space requirements; installed behind the panel

HotDrop installation is a snap

  1. Onboard your device with one easy scan.
  2. Attach the HotDrop on the wire with a click of the latch.
  3. Within minutes you'll see data.
Need a more detailed version? Click here to download an in depth installation guide.
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“Not only does this wireless edge-intelligent computer self-correct errors, but it consumes so little power that we don't need batteries or external wires making it extremely scalable for a non-intrusive install."

Micheal Austin
Chief Technology Officer

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