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The PulseDrop (Beta)

Instantly smarten your dumb old meters.

The resources that make your business or building work can be complex and varied—natural gas for heating, water for irrigation and facilities, and of course electricity for everything from lights to heavy machinery. To optimize your organization’s performance, you need more than your utility bill at the end of the month. You need real-time visibility to highly-accurate, reliable data.

Vutility’s PulseDrop is a turn-key, industrial-strength solution to get real-time access to existing utility meters.

Graphic showing electrical, gas, and water use as reported by PulseDrop devicesPulseDrop installed on outdoor meterCommercial building rooftop showing meter areas

Drive data from any dry
pulse meter

Transform existing meters in minutes to gain real-time, building-level insights for all types of utilities.

Fast, Non-Intrusive Install

The PulseDrop quickly and easily connects in minutes to any meter with a dry pulse contact without any tools required.

Durable, Outdoor-Ready Design

The PulseDrop is securely housed in a water-resistant housing and operate outdoors in temperatures ranging from -40 to 185 F (-40 to 85 C).

Universal Connectivity

The PulseDrop can connect to any existing water, natural gas, or electric meter with a dry pulse contact, and deliver interval updates as frequently as once per minute.

Long Life, Long Range

Battery-powered design lasts up to 10 years without external power. LoRaWAN IoT protocol enables multi-mile outdoor transmission distances.

PulseDrop with wire connection

Redefine with the flexibility of PulseDrop

The PulseDrop is battery powered, simple-to-install, connects to any dry contact pulse meter and transmits the data via LoRaWAN. The PulseDrop detects and tracks the number of pulses generated in any given time period, as well as the rate of consumption. This solution features state-of-the-art data for water meters in any facility.

Advantages of PulseDrop

  • Installs in minutes
  • Long-range signal strength
  • Compatible with most meters
  • Robust API catalog
  • Granular data
  • Dual cypher encryption
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"A very simplistic solution. The fact that it is battery-operated is even better because we don’t need a licensed electrician. It’s cheaper, scalable and faster to deploy."

abhay ambati
Abhay Ambati
Senior Vice President of Technology Services
Logical Buildings

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