Energy Sub-metering Solutions

There are two halves of the energy equation—generation and conservation. At Vutility, we understand how important it is to use what energy is produced more efficiently. The biggest part of that challenge is knowing the how, what, and where energy is being consumed. Of course, you could wait until the end of the month to get your utility bill, but that doesn’t give you enough specific data to make energy saving decisions. That’s why Vutility makes energy sub-metering solutions for granular, up-to-the-minute, real-time data.

Our solutions can be deployed in virtually any commercial or industrial environment that uses electricity. So if you are interested in making more informed decisions about how the energy in your business is being used, we have a sub-metering solution for you.

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Data to solve a myriad of complex energy challenges

Unbelievably quick and easy to install, with native cloud enablement, our groundbreaking technologies are built to change the way the world works.

Building Management

Easily track utility usage throughout your building or many buildings. Our simple install allows you to scale effortlessly.

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Tenant Management

Learn more about your tenants’ usage and improve billing data. Helpful to your bottom line and tenants’ peace of mind.

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Sustainability Efforts

With granular data from the HotDrop, you can baseline your progress more efficiently.

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Three-phrase monitoring

VoltDrop delivers real-time, minute-by-minute transmissions of trueRMS three-phase measurements for Voltage and Power Factor (PF), as well as aggregated ApparentEnergy (kVAh).

Revenue-grade ± 2% or better accuracy spec
Secure dual-cypher encrypted LoRaWANIoT network
Non-intrusive, VoltSafe Harness delivers real-time voltage with no external wiring
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VoltDrop installed with three phases and Rogowski coils
HotDrop device installed in cabinethotdrop connected to wifi

Instant wireless submetering

The HotDrop is the easiest energy monitoring solution available. In less than 15 minutes, one HotDrop reports more data than most meters do in a year.

Real-time data transmits wirelessly from inside electric panel
Inductively charges with no batteries
Submeter individual circuits or an entire building in a snap
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Make old meters smart

Vutility’s PulseDrop (Beta) reads dry pulse outputs from any meter that provides a dry pulse output. Dry pulse outputs are an industry standard for most electric, water and natural meters around the world.

Immediate real-time visibility to your exisiting meters
Multi-year battery – no external power requirements
Rugged outdoor-ready enclosure
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PulseDrop device installed on outside meter
Vutility's multi-patented, award-winning technology was recently recognized by global technology researchers at Frost & Sullivan for best practices in IoT energy monitoring.

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We partner with leading energy and building management organizations to provide best-in-class energy insights powered by streaming data to facility owners and managers.

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