Vutility Case Studies

Interested in learning more in depth about the clients we have helped learn about their energy savings journey? Read through the Vutility case studies section to learn about our customer’s success in a variety of industries and verticals. Here is where you can get a deeper dive into how we helped different organizations make positive energy choices.

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Disruptive Pricing Increases Win % and Creates New Opportunities

Overview: Leading ESCO helped their customer realize 90% savings vs. traditional solutions for a light industrial submetering project.

Competitive bids ranged from $50-75K+ (~$35-50K for HW + installation costs and margin)
Equivalent scope using Vutility HotDrops cost under $3K for HW with significantly lower installation costs
HotDrops install in minutes vs. hours, minimizing high-cost electrician time

Key Takeaway: Vutility's lower HW and install costs enable partners to increase their win % when bidding on projects, as well as unlock new use cases that can now have justifiable ROIs.

Reinventing M&V Audit Business Model

Overview: M&V audits typically require expensive, complex equipment to be shipped onsite and installed temporarily to generate a baseline of building performance.

The baseline measurements are used to identify energy savings opportunities and determine the potential ROI of the projects
Once the projects are completed and the savings are verified, the equipment is uninstalled, and moved to the next facility
Vutility HotDrops lower the ROI thresholds of M&V savings projects by reducing both hardware and install/uninstall costs
Additionally, because HotDrops are not a temporary solution, they deliver ongoing monitoring and the foundation for a broader IoT network in the facility

Key Takeaway: Vutility HotDrops provide M&V cost savings, plus a strong foothold for an ongoing relationship, enabling long-term engagement and additional project opportunities.

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Energy Cost Management Through Phase Load Visibility

Overview: Vutility was brought in by a large, global ESCO to submeter a hospital managed by a major healthcare provider.

By isolating all three phases of each circuit, Vutility identified significant imbalances throughout the facility
The imbalances resulted in several hundred thousand dollars in excess costs annually, as the utility measured and billed based on the highest phase load
Phase level monitoring can reveal imbalanced loads, but the expense of traditional submetering options make it challenging to pursue

Key Takeaway: While other solutions are too cost prohibitive to scale, Vutility unlocks the power of scalable, real-time energy monitoring.