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Unlock real-time energy efficiency

The HotDrop is a state-of-the-art sub metering solution that provides a simple, easy install and gives you minute-by-minute data instantly.


The HotDrop™

The HotDrop is the easiest energy monitoring solution available. In less than 15 minutes, one HotDrop reports more data than most meters do in a year.

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The PulseDrop™

Vutility’s PulseDrop reads dry pulse outputs from any meter that provides a dry pulse output. Dry pulse outputs are an industry standard for most electric, water, and natural meters around the world.

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Insights for improved profitability

Vutility helps customers redefine energy management. Scale your organization’s resources more efficiently with our easy installation process.

Building Management

Easily track utility usage throughout your building or many buildings. Our simple install allows you to scale effortlessly.

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Tenant Management

Learn more about your tenants’ usage and improve billing data. Helpful to your bottom line and tenants’ peace of mind.

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Sustainability Efforts

With granular data from the HotDrop, you can baseline your progress more efficiently.

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Vutility partner helps their customer realize 90% savings vs traditional solutions for a light industrial submetering project.