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Energy monitoring made easy

Understanding the energy usage in a building can be costly, complex, and cumbersome. With Vutility, you can access granular real-time energy data down to the circuit level. With an instantaneous, non-intrusive install and native cloud connectivity, our IoT-based solutions drive actionable performance, efficiency, and sustainability insights for industries across the globe.

Hotel room imageEnergy usage by room at a single location

Scalable submetering

The HotDrop is a state-of-the-art submeter solution that allow you to scale easily. Whether you're looking to monitor a few key circuits, or gain insights throughout an entire facility, the HotDrop is the answer. HotDrops safely install instantly without requiring the facility to be de-energized, giving you cost-effective access to granular, real-time data.

Critical insights for critical assets

Maximizing uptime of critical equipment is a key responsibility for facility managers that directly effects safety, comfort, and the bottom-line. Utilizing Vutility's solutions enables AI and ML providers to monitor assets in real-time, and develop intelligent, device-specific performance profiles, and predictive maintenance models.

hospital refrigeratormonitor critical infrastructure
interior of restaurant location
understand usage

Global granularity

Whether managing facilities you can count on one hand, or overseeing a global footprint, Vutility's HotDrop and PulseDrop solutions deliver easy-to-install, scalable energy data that matters. With real-time visibility of your entire property and asset portfolio, you can improve efficiency, identify savings and maintenance opportunities, better manage, and meet your sustainability goals.

Demystify your infrastructure

Managing one or multiple facilities can be a daunting task. We can help you see what's coming and avoid unexpected surprises

End sticker shock

With Vutility, you can gain real-time visibility into all a building's utilities (water, gas, and electric), ensuring that you maintain your budget and anticipate your bills at the end of the month.

prevent bill shock

Maximize uptime

Monitor and proactively maintain critical equipment to avoid operational interruptions and better achieve your business goals.

Critical infrastructure push notification

Sustainable sustainability

Take control to simplify and achieve your sustainability goals. We deliver the granularity that lets you truly understand what drives your carbon footprint, and what you can do to reduce it.

Sustainability efforts across geographies
Vutility partner helps their customer realize 90% savings vs traditional solutions for a light industrial submetering project.