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Vutility has several international patents.  We are proud that our devices are innovative and include a self-charging, unique design for ease of installation that optimizes simplicity.

Induction Powered Electricity Current

Induction powered electrical current monitoring, and related devices, apparatuses, systems, and methods are disclosed. An electricity current monitoring device can include an inductive energy transfer medium, an energy storage device, a power management circuit, and a processing circuit. The inductive energy transfer medium can induce an electromotive force to produce electrical energy that can be stored in the energy storage device. A power management circuit can control storage of the electrical energy in the energy storage device and can control release of the electrical energy from the energy storage device. The processing circuit can measure the electrical current in the monitored energy source based on the fluctuating magnetic field generated by the inductive energy transfer medium. The processing circuit is electrically coupled to the power management circuit to be powered using the electrical energy released from the energy storage device.

Patent Application ID: EP 3646040, SW 3646040, SP 3646040, UK 3646040, UP 3646040, JP 7300399, KR 10-2526567, US 10615641, US 11205927

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Electrical Component Housing

The present disclosure provides a hinge, such as for housings for devices, such as a split-core current transformer. The housings can include hinges and housing parts to be rotatably coupled together at such hinges that can be injection molded. A hinge of a housing can include a first knuckle and a second knuckle, which can be integrally formed with or coupled to a first housing part and each are configured to receive an end of a hinge pin. One of the knuckles includes a knuckle slot to provide radial access for a cut-away portion of a hinge pin to pass through. At assembly of the first housing part to a second housing part, a first hinge pin end is to be disposed within an opening of the first knuckle and a second hinge pin end is to be disposed within the second knuckle after passage of the key portion through the knuckle slot of the second knuckle.

Patent Application ID: US 11661776

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Self-Correcting Electrical Current Measuring Device

Systems, devices, methods, and techniques for self-correcting current measuring are disclosed. Advanced material inductive measuring devices can obtain a reading of a monitored current in a monitored source. The advanced material allows the measuring device to operate at low temperatures disproportionate to saturation levels. Readings by the measuring device that are beyond a top-end limit of the measuring system or otherwise outside of a desired band can be transformed or transposed by employing a transformation to correct the reading to be within an acceptable ratio error band.

Patent Application ID: US 11874361

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Electrical Connector

An eight-pin electrical connector design.

Patent Application ID: US D931820

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