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Happy April fools - Meet the New Music Streaming Feature "BeatDrop"

HotDrop Energy Monitoring Technology Adding New Music Streaming Feature called BeatDrop

Happy April fools day from Vutility.

Introducing Vutility’s newest energy suite product, BeatDrop. Released today, BeatDrop will soon be available as an over-the-air configuration update to inductively transfer music to the electrical wiring system. This fantastic new product will utilize the LoRaWAN protocol to transmit compressed music files and send them to existing HotDrop submeters installed in the panels. The HotDrop cloud-native, sustainability energy submetering hardware then converts these BeatDrop packets to audio formats, turning wall outlets into reference-grade speakers.

Stated by our company’s CEO, Matt Barber, “As the leader in scalable real-time energy monitoring solutions, our technology is advancing a more sustainable future, and music literally resonates as a way we can change the world through data that matters.”

BeatDrop will completely revolutionize energy monitoring and music streaming. The BeatDrop transforms any outlet that collects energy data from the HotDrop, to produce high-fidelity music files. This enables each circuit to create a unique playlist based off the wires being monitored.

As stated in a press release, “The company is exploring triggered altering using AI and machine learning to deliver sonic messaging for critical equipment maintenance, grid-signaled demand events, safety notifications, and more.”

Read more in our press release published earlier today, on how “Vutility’s Disruptive IoT-based HotDrop Energy Monitoring Technology is to Add New Music Streaming Feature BeatDrop.”

Joel Berntsen

Vice President of Strategy and Partnerships

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