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Generating Power is the First Part of the Equation, What’s the Second?

We can focus our attention on the other half of the energy equation.

Some say love makes the world go round. At Vutility, we believe energy spins the globe. Human beings have come a long way in power generation. First, there was fire where almost anything that would burn was used. Then came water and wind that turned mills. We’ve managed to harness electricity over the last century or so, and that’s been a game changer.

The wonder of electricity has allowed us to light up the night, cool down blazing heat, and warm up the most frigid winter. Generating electricity has also seen an evolution, starting with a variety of fossil fuels, then nuclear, and most recently, the emergence of renewables like solar and wind. Utilities and other energy companies continue to invest in new generation assets because the demand for electricity continues to grow dramatically.

As our collective demand increases, there are some challenges that we face.

·     Continually needing new sources of fossil fuel

·     The concerns with safety in nuclear

·     The cost and expense with grid-scale batteries and storage

·     The unpredictable nature of wind and solar

One thing may be our biggest concern. Some ways we generate power have the potential to negatively impact the environment. It’s going to take some time to address those concerns at scale. But right now, we can focus our attention on the other half of the energy equation—learning to use what we have more efficiently.

The biggest part of that challenge is knowing the how, what, and where the energy is being consumed. Of course, you could wait until the end of the month to get your utility bill, but that doesn’t give you specific insight to make energy saving decisions.

Vutility exists because we know that you can’t change what you don’t understand, you can’t understand what you don’t measure, and you can’t measure what you don’t see. That’s why we make energy sub-metering solutions that provide granular, up-to-the-minute, real-time data.

Our solutions can be deployed in virtually any commercial or industrial environment that uses electricity. So, if you’re interested in making more informed decisions about how the energy in your business is being used, we have a real-time energy monitoring and sub-metering solution for you.

Our portfolio of industrial resource monitoring systems are designed from the ground up to be easy to install and maintain. In fact, our self-powered , battery-less products use wireless connections as the basis or our IoT implementation to avoid expensive and overly complicated installations. Typically, this approach means no downtime for installation and can usually be completed in a matter of minutes instead of hours, days, or weeks.

Explore each of our products to see how we help our customers have greater insights to improve resource efficiency and improve profitability.

Joel Berntsen

Vice President of Strategy and Partnerships

Joel is an award-winning, strategic senior sales, marketing, and technology leader with 15+ years of experience creating and scaling exceptional product offerings at organizations.