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The Bigfoot Problem with Companies and Sustainability

Sustainability has a major bigfoot (print) problem. Global businesses may pledge one thing, but invest money in another.

Sustainability has a major bigfoot (print) problem. Many companies around the world today, are committing to goals of reaching net zero by the middle of the century. This issue with the majority of these companies is that the focus isn’t on reaching net-zero, but instead offsetting their carbon footprint. It is one thing to truly reduce your carbon footprint, and it’s another to buy your way out of a carbon footprint. The emphasis needs to be more on the “net” part of net-zero and looking at data that will help businesses target their inefficiencies. In other words, you cannot take back the cupcake you ate by eating a bag of carrots.

Vutility is changing the way the world works through data that matters. With most existing solutions today, the main issues are that they lack ROI. Where’s the ROI if current monitoring equipment requires extremely expensive installations and only a minor insight into energy usage data? To read more about the disadvantages of other solutions click here.

Our real-time energy data monitoring solutions are disrupting the status quo. Our existing use cases are just the tip of the iceberg, and some of our partners are inventing new use cases every day because of the possibilities we’ve helped open. Compared to traditional submetering solutions, our partners are saving up to 90% on hardware, installation, and maintenance of their projects. The HotDrop is the solution to the big footprint problem because we can provide more data in 15 minutes per device than many meters do in an entire year. Our solution is reporting nearly half a million transmissions of data per year and requires easy installation, no external power sources, at a fraction of the costs. It’s a Scan, Snap, and See to get data down to a circuit level, that will show businesses worldwide what actions they need to take to truly reach net-zero.

The goal is to change business across every industry. Not by disrupting the business through installation and hefty equipment, but by non-invasive easy solutions for any company worldwide. It’s the missing puzzle piece and the revealing cloak that provides best-in-class energy insights powered by real-time data to facility owners and managers.

Joel Berntsen

Vice President of Strategy and Partnerships

Joel is an award-winning, strategic senior sales, marketing, and technology leader with 15+ years of experience creating and scaling exceptional product offerings at organizations.