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M&V Reinvented

One beneficial aspect of Vutility solutions is how we improve facility submetering for M&V energy audits.

Vutility enables data across every industry. From consumption monitoring for budget management, to reaching sustainability goals and tracking for peak demand reduction, one beneficial aspect of Vutility solutions is how we improve facility submetering for M&V energy audits.

Purpose of M&V and what it is used for

M&V, shorthand for Measurement and Verification, is the process of analyzing and collecting data, to conserve energy. The entire measurement and verification process includes steps of planning, calculating, gathering, and analyzing data to implement energy conservation measures and determine savings. The data calculated and studied during this process is implemented into a strategic plan that businesses then embed to become more energy efficient.

How is M&V typically done today?

M&V processes should be enabling businesses to manage their energy usage, and essentially save from a well-implemented conservation plan. Companies must understand their equipment so they can discover ways to improve it and analyze their systems overall performance. With the solutions monitoring energy data today, M&V can be extremely costly, inefficient, and complex. These audits typically entail very heavy and expensive equipment that is shipped to a facility, requires temporary installation by a hired professional, and only generates a baseline of building performance. The results from these projects are identification of energy-saving opportunities and potential ROI of the projects, but once the potential savings are verified, the equipment is uninstalled and moved to the next facility.

How is Vutility reinventing M&V audits?

Vutility HotDrops provide M&V cost savings, a strong foothold for an ongoing relationship, thus enabling long-term engagement and additional project opportunities. Our company provides businesses with the opportunity for overcoming the challenges in the M&V space. Many of our competitors have a high cost for installing equipment and it’s removed immediately post project. Vutility provides longer-term relationships, easy and quick installation, and equipment that doesn’t need to be removed. HotDrops are not a temporary solution, they deliver ongoing monitoring and the foundation for a broader IoT network in the facility. The HotDrops lower the ROI thresholds of M&V savings projects by reducing both hardware and install/uninstall costs. Vutility helps companies manage their energy usage by collecting data and measuring it. Implementing our solution helps to assist in system and equipment operations, execution of consumption reduction methods, and savings on building energy usage.