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A New "VU"

As you may have noticed, we recently made some updates to our branding.

Vutility is very excited to share our new logo with the world, as well as the many exciting reasons that have led us to make the change.

Our previous logo was designed at a time that we were focused on delivering insights to our customers at the main meter level. The logo design specifically reflected that focus as a “gauge” showing how much energy the meter used.

Since then, we’ve gone behind-the-meter, driving circuit-level visibility with the HotDrop. This has unlocked the potential for a much wider set of use cases for our customers across all aspects of the building from performance to efficiency, sustainability, and even critical equipment monitoring.

You can only change what you understand. You can only understand what you can see.

Looking forward, Vutility’s continuous purpose is to expand visibility throughout the built world, to drive timely and actionable insights through verifiable and accurate data. Just as we have made it possible to see behind-the-meter cost-effectively and at scale, we are focused on providing scalable solutions for collecting hard-to-capture data that drives decisions.

We exist to deliver visibility and clarity that was previously impossible.

The updated logo follows our mission to give sight to what was originally invisible. The new “VU” element, with its crisp edges represents the view through a lens that sharpens and clarifies the insights into energy and other critical data, down to a granular, circuit level we provide.

At Vutility, we are committed to change the way the world works through data that matters, and our new branding reflects our change.