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Energy Profiling
Data for Better
Decision Making

Are you tired of wasting energy and other resources in your buildings because you don’t know how much is being used or what’s using it? Is your energy profiling only getting you the data when it’s too late to make meaningful adjustments?

To make matters worse, current solutions focus heavily on analytics—not gathering accurate information. These solutions are typically difficult to install and expensive to implement.

What you need is accurate, granular, real-time data for better decision making.

Vutility’s vision is to change the way the world works by getting data that matters. Our proprietary IoT and cloud-enabled technologies install instantly and non-intrusively, often without requiring facility downtime. This high quality energy profiling can reduce the total cost of ownership for sub-metering applications by up to 90% or more.

Real-time energy data is key to addressing a wide range of use cases across multiple industries. For example, Vutility’s leading edge solution, the HotDrop is a scalable, wireless and battery-less, behind-the-meter device for the built world. It offers revenue-grade, minute-by-minute visibility to measure current use for any critical load, down to the circuit-level or individual asset.

Data to Disrupt the Status Quo

Vutility's multi-patented, award-winning IoT and cloud-enabled technologies are transforming the energy monitoring landscape.

Chart showing  HotDrop performanceThree phase monitoringbuilding where 15 hotdrops are installed
Vutility partner saves 90% vs traditional solutions on a light industrial submetering project.

See data that sparks meaningful change

Facility Submetering

Get granular (down to the circuit level!) to measure, monitor, and drive changes

Anomaly and Fault Detection

Monitor critical infrastructure and equipment to ensure performance and enable proactive maintenance

Peak Demand Reduction

Data to reduce capacity tags and ensure credit for participating in DR events

Sustainability Goals

Understand what's driving your carbon footprint and identify efficiency opportunities

Load & Phase Balancing

Identify imbalanced loads for increased performance and cost reduction

Budget Management

Eliminate end-of-month surprises on your energy bills with real-time visibility

Our Products

Unlock real-time energy opportunities

Easy and quick to install, our groundbreaking technology is designed to deliver the energy data that innovative solutions require.

The VoltDrop

VoltDrop delivers real-time, minute-by-minute transmissions of trueRMS three-phase measurements for Voltage and Power Factor (PF), as well as aggregated ApparentEnergy (kVAh).

Non-intrusive, VoltSafe Harness delivers real-time voltage with no external wiring
Revenue-grade ± 2% or better accuracy spec
Secure dual-cypher encrypted LoRaWANIoT network
VoltDrop device
HotDrop family of five products

The HotDrop™

The HotDrop is the easiest energy monitoring solution available. It provides state-of-the-art submetering with a simple, easy install and delivers minute-by-minute data instantly. In less than 15 minutes, one HotDrop reports more data than most meters do in a year.

Installs in minutes with a simple click
No external power requirements
Minute-by-minute granular data

The PulseDrop™ (Beta)

Vutility's PulseDrop (Beta) reads pulses from any utility meter that provides a dry pulse output. Dry pulse outputs are an industry standard for millions of electric, water, and natural gas meters around the world.

Easy to install and maintain, powered by multi-year batteries
Delivers instant, real-time visibility to existing meters
Weather-proof design with long range signal
PulseDrop device

Insights that improve profitability

Vutility's data solutions are redefining the limits of energy management across a wide range of industries and use cases.

Facility Submetering

Isolate individual zones of a building or campus down to the circuit level for M&V audits, efficiency benchmarking, departmental cost allocation, tenant billing, and more.

sub-meter facilities

Critical Infrastructure Monitoring

Isolate unique energy profiles to detect early warning signs of critical equipment's performance degradation, optimize facility uptime, occupant comfort, safety, and more.

monitor critical infrastructure

Sustainability Efforts

Take control of your carbon footprint to meet your sustainability goals, by identifying the drivers of your energy use and cost-effective opportunities to improve efficiency.

support sustainability efforts
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Vutility is the leading provider of real-time, high-resolution, energy data monitoring that enables businesses to optimize energy consumption and improve operational efficiencies.

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