Enabling transformative
energy insights at scale

Enabling energy insights at scale

Vutility delivers scalable, edge-intelligent, energy fitness trackers for commercial and industrial built environments.

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"HotDrops are stupid easy to install and make scaling simple! "

Cian O'Flaherty, CEO, Safecility

Deploying is simple.
Features are powerful.

Advanced analytics

Three-phase monitoring delivers measurements for voltage and power factor, and aggregated apparent energy.

Easy to install

Attach our device installation is snap, literally. A simple click of the latch around a wire and you're done.

Non intrusive

Our non-invasive design safely installs instantly without de-energizing a facility and without permits.

Real time

With minute-by-minute transmissions, we report more data in less than 15 minutes than most meters do in one year.


Start small and then quickly scale with our easy installation process and robust reporting.


Our device charges itself on the wire it measures, with no external batteries or wires. Magic? We think so.

Start tracking your energy to save money

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"You can't change what you don't understand, and you can't understand what you don't see."

Stephen Prince, CEO, Vutility

All-in-one solution for energy management

Vutility's solutions are built for scale. Whether you want to monitor a single circuit or measure multiple facilities, we make it easy to get the data you need to improve energy efficiency.

snap the hotdrop onto the wire

Easy to install hardware

Our devices are designed to be easy to install and maintain. That means no downtime for installation and they can usually be setup in a matter of minutes instead of hours, days, or weeks. Submeter individual circuits or an entire building in a snap.

No downtime
Safely installed live
No permitting needed

Detailed data & insights

In less than 15 minutes, one HotDrop reports more data than most meters do in a year. Delivering true RMS three-phase measurements, Vutility delivers real-time, minute-by-minute data.

Real time, minute by minute
business energy monitoringtrack consumption and usage against sustainability efforts

Who we work with

Whether you're looking to submeter your tenants, advance your sustainability efforts, improved facility management or perform an energy audit, we're here to help. We've worked with organizations large and small to help achieve their energy goals.

Vutility for Partners

Differntiate your offerings and do more for your customers with access to the right data at scale.

Vutility for Companies

Start seeing the foundational data you need to manage critical assets, optimize performance, and achieve sustainability goals.

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Discover industry best practices in the IoT Energy Monitoring Industry Report

Can you feel the energy yet?

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"Most cost-efficient solution"

"Vutility proves to be the most cost-efficient solution available in the market."

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"Up to 90% lower"

"Total cost of ownership up to 90% lower than that of competing metering devices."

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"Effortless installation"

"A key feature of both Vutility solutions is their instant and effortless installation"

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